History of the port

  • 1951
    Foundation year is 1951. Pevek Arctic Sea Port Authority, which is a part of Dalstroy system, was established on this day. The foundation of the port was facilitated by the discovery of rich gold deposits in the Chaun district of the Chukotka peninsula and their further active development.
    The port consisted of a single berth line (four pile berths 429.5 meters long) and barely had any mechanization, production and office facilities. Essentially it didn’t answer its purpose. In total there were 3 tracked cranes, the works were carried out manually and with the use of vessel windlasses, up to 900 employees worked in a shift (mainly prisoners).
  • 1957
    By the decision of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, the Arctic port of Pevek became a part of the Far Eastern Maritime Shipping Company of the Ministry of the Navy.
    During the same year, a large-scale construction of hydraulic facilities, industrial buildings and residential block for port workers began.
  • 1960-70
    Renovation, expansion and further development of the port were carried out. For the first time in the Arctic region, four sheet-pile berths with concrete pavement were built in Pevek port.
    Total length of the berth wall reached 499 meters. 14 portal cranes were in operation, parking garage and repair garage were constructed. Also, four eight-bedroom and one sixteen-bedroom houses were put into operation, the dormitory for employees of the port was expanded, and the works on improvement of the territory of the port were carried out.
  • 1970-80
    The works on reconstruction, re-equipment and technical re-equipment of the port’s facilities continued.
    Reinforced ice class «Norilsk» vessels, designed for cargo transportation to the Arctic regions, arrived at the port. The intensity of cargo handling operations on such vessels in the port has become one of the highest in the industry. At this time, Pevek port has became the base port for the processing of transshipment cargo on Kolyma direction.
  • 1983
    For the success achieved in providing transshipment of national economic goods for the developing areas of Kolyma and Chukotka Pevek port awarded the Order «Badge of Honor».
  • 1990-97
    Due to the liquidation of the main mining enterprises of Chaun-Chukotka there was a dramatic drop in freight turnover, but the enterprise was able to retain highly qualified personnel and continue operation.
  • 1997
    Pevek Sea Port was converted into an open joint-stock company.
  • 2006
    The territory of the port was expanded to a cargo processing area on Cape Schmidt.
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